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Why Have a Session with Libby? 

Energy work can quickly release persistent stress, conflict with others, negative patterns & beliefs, & physical pain.

Libby uses muscle testing to "read" your body and energy field and to strengthen and clear what is weak. (With the exception of Reiki, it is off-body work, with the client seated, lying on a heated mat, or, in the case of distant healing sessions, on the phone.) 

Libby pinpoints the root(s) of your issues—including the ones inherited from ancestors, from past lives, from childhood, and from your timeline in this life--and releases them, integrating you to Wholeness and to your Higher Self.

*Libby is a Certified SimplyHealed Practitioner. She is also an EFT (Tapping) Master Practitioner (through the Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies), a Reiki Master, and an Advanced Yuen Method Practitioner. 

For more information, such as rates, and special packages/deals, go to the "Contact - Appointment Information" page. 

TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT, click on the "Make Appointment Here" link.      (From cell phones, scroll all the way down for the link. Otherwise, it's on the right side of any page.) 

Choose the kind of session you want, your time zone, the date/time you'd like, and you will be directed to then pay either by credit card or PayPal.

What is a Typical Session Like?

I create a safe, healing space for us to work in.

I ask you to state what you would like help with and what your intention for the session is. 

I use Applied Kinesiology - or muscle testing - to find out where the weak places are in your energy system or body and what needs to be cleared to meet your intention and to relieve the issue or confusion you are wrestling with. 

You are fully clothed in the session and generally seated in a comfortable chair opposite me (or on the phone if it is not an in-person appointment). (With Biomat sessions or Reiki, you are lying on a massage table, fully clothed.) I use a simple hand motion (coupled with our mutual intention to resolve things) to clear you and align you with Wholeness, with your Infinite Self, with Hope, Joy, and a Sense of Empowerment.

At the end of our time together, I check to make sure your problem(s) are resolved and brought down to 0 -- or as much as your energy field will allow at this time. I also check to make sure your intention has been met 100% - or as much as your energy will let it at this time. 

Whatever is ready to release will! That allows your energetic frequency or vibration to rise--so your heart can feel greater peace and lightness of being.

Bob (Massage Therapist) & Libby (Energy Worker) Schleichert


"Libby, I have felt so awesome since our phone session, and it's continuing. I really have so much more clarity, energy, calmness, and peace. It's as if a page has been turned!" - DHG, Utah 

"Libby, I feel so much better since you worked with me. You really brought my energy and my thoughts/outlook to a much better place!"- JI, California

"Libby is someone with a true gift for healing. She has given both my Mom and me a greater sense of wellbeing, relief, and restoration. I highly recommend Libby, regardless of where you are in your journey!" - C.P., Maryland 

"I can't say enough good things about Libby and Boyds Wellness Center. She has done wonders for me over the past few months. I was so sick and feeling hopeless about my health ever getting better. But now I feel 100 times better because of her expertise and energy work. She has truly been a blessing to me." - D.S.M., Maryland

Why a Massage with Bob?

  • Bob, too, channels profound healing through his hands with still touch and Reiki, as well as Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, taking clients to new levels of relaxation.

  • One client says,"Bob is my go-to massage therapist. He can smooth out any knots or tightness within my body in expert fashion! I highly recommend him!" 

  • (NOTE: To make a massage appointment with Bob ($90/60 minutes), please call: 301-633-8020, or email him: luchay1570@gmail.com)


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  1. I have worked with Libby to identify familial trauma and gain insight into how I can build a bridge to overcome these. My success in this lies in my own ability to trust others in the future. She has profound expertise and deep caring for humanity.